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1.42.1 is available for Patch v1.23.1765 and can be found on the Neverwinter Nexus or Neverwinter Vault


Current updates can be found here: http://kaedrin-nwn2.blogspot.com/

Current News : Last updated 9:00 PM CST, July 29 2015

1.46 Draft Changelog : Changes List

I've posted a lengthy update here: http://kaedrin-nwn2.blogspot.com/

I'm slowly back to work on the next update. Apologies again for the delay and have a happy holiday!

I haven't had a lot of free time lately (been working some late, late nights this past week) but the little time I have had I've put into playing around with a couple of possible future projects. You can see the screenshots on my blog page. After this weekend I should be back to having free time and I'll finish up the weapon release and the 1.46 update ASAP after that.

New weapons will be released tomorrow. I thought of a way to get Feral Shifter into 1.46 with minimal effort and I can look into the full approach for 1.47. The downside is that players will have a negative ability icon up all the time as I'd have to apply up to a -12 attribute bonus when they shift (to keep to one poly row per shape). The alternative is roughly 13 polymorph.2da rows per shape (roughly a dozen shapes?) which is… excessive. No good solutions when you have sliding physical stats. LOL. An alternative might be to introduce tiers (like 4-5 tiers) per shape but thats still 60ish rows.

Another year, another birthday, and the usual raft of things that keep a week busy as hell and without time for much in the way of fun. I'll be working on the 1.46 update today looking to wrap up the Beastmaster. Feral Shifter may push to 1.47, may not, depends on how much work is left on it. I'd really like to get 1.46 out this week if I can.

I'm looking into getting a VPS server for testing content (which might be used as a PW later) and I've got my eye on one company but if anyone has any experience with this and would like to let me know I'd love to hear about it.

Currently I'm looking at http://www.vps-mart.com/Windows-VPS.aspx#Datacenter and their Professional Windows VPS version specifically.

You can email me at moc.liamg|2nwn.nirdeaK#moc.liamg|2nwn.nirdeaK if you have any insights you want to share.

It has to be a US company that does the VPS hosting. I'm also looking into http://webehostin.com/ as a possible place to rent a server that already has NWN2 set up but I'm not sure they meet the requirements (RDP, SQLite/MySQL, server patches, etc).

Feral Shift will probably show up sooner rather than later after looking at the Plant Shape code to do some fixes. It may or may not be that strong and I've got some other changes planned (given this was a concept from years ago).

Current version can be found here: Feral Shifter

Update 2:
If anyone would like to beta test the new weapons from 1.46 please send me an email at moc.liamg|2nwn.nirdeaK#moc.liamg|2nwn.nirdeaK and I'll send you a dropbox link to the new TLK and the blueprints.

You will not need to have my content installed but you will need to use the command console found in the game (~ key). The email will have the brief description of how to spawn the item you need to access the store that sells all of the new gear.

As an FYI, I've updated the 1.46 section of the changelog post with the last of the details on the new weapons: http://kaedrin-nwn2.blogspot.com/2015/07/146-and-147-changelogs.html

It's been a busy couple of days but I did get in some testing on the new weapons along with finally seeing the new Terminator! Tomorrow I hope to be much more productive.

A rough draft of the comprehensive 1.46 changelog is now available which details everything that has been done since the 1.42.1 update. I'll work on adding the class descriptions next (the hyperlinks will go live as I finish them) but cleaning up the draft and including more of the feat descriptions (or changing the feat/spell pages for the new content) is going to take more time. There are a number of new feats and spells that have been added that probably are not in the list yet either that I need to track down.

You can find the draft here: Draft 1.46 comprehensive changes list

Update 2: I've updated the 1.46 change list with the improved weapon descriptions along with a new weapon. I've added a few more weapons to the 1.47 update as I found some new models that I feel must be used!

The blog has been updated with details on the new weapons coming in 1.46 and 1.47.

Update 2: I've got a cleaned up changelog that lists what has changed between 1.42.1 and 1.46 which I'll have available tomorrow.

Update 3: I fixed another old Hexblade bug that was never reported and worked some more on the Practiced Invoker fix. The topic of other base melee classes to add keeps coming to mind. Tempest? Gladiator? Corsair? Hmmm…

Seems there is a fairly nasty engine problem with Practiced Invoker that hasn't been caught in all the years the feat has been added to the game. I got derailed from finishing up the Knight/Armiger/Tactician descriptions in order to work on the fix. I've on version 2 of it trying to find a more optimal/less script intense version! Good times. Grrr.

I've updated the list of items for 1.47 with a little bit of research I did over the weekend. Details are on the blog.

I'm working to update the site as part of releasing a new 1.46 update for single-player and multi-player. My progress on new content can be found here: http://kaedrin-nwn2.blogspot.com/

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