Credits and Known Users

Content Credits

Brian Meyer
Class and Domain icons (need to generate a new, comprehensive list)

Feat and Spell icons (need to generate a new, comprehensive list)

Reeron, PRC group from NWN1
Sneak attack include help.

Multisummons help and code.

Custom spell VFX (Resonating Bolt)

Lady Elvenstar
Custom spell VFX, Creature/Companion development help

This is a very rough wip listing of those modules and PW's using my content.

Known Users

Kingdom of Winterhaven - Persistent World
Baldur's Gate - Tales of the Sword Coast - Persistent World
Dalelands Beyond - Persistent World
World of Skullport, Waterdeep and the Undermountain - Persistent World
Realms of Trinity - Persistent World
Shadow of Iniquity - Persistent World
Northern Cormyr - Persistent World
Moonlight and Shadows - Persistent World
Lunes d'Argent - French Persistent World
Subtlety of Thay - Chapter 2 by Dirtywick - Single Player Adventure
Trial and Terror by Indira Lightfoot - Single Player Adventure
Alventyr - Persistent World

Retired PWs

World of Talernon 3 - Persistent World
Lost Dungeons of Adventure - Persistent World
The Frontier - Persistent World
Nylmir - Persistent World
Dungeon Eternal X 2 - Persistent World (Currently down)

Upcoming Users

Risen Hero - Single Player Adventure

Let me know and I'll add you to the list if you are a module or PW developer.

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