Divine Spirit

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Divine Spirit

Here is a taste of the upcoming Paladin's mount replacement (courtesy of the Dungeonscape sourcebook).

Level: 5th
Benefit: Upon reaching 5th level, you can call upon your deity for aid in the form of a celestial spirit. Using this ability is a standard action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. See below for detailed spirit descriptions and rules.

Your paladin level determines which kinds of celestial spirits answer your summons. You can summon the spirit available at your current level as well as any that became available at lower levels.

Paladin Level
5th: Spirit of Healing
10th: Spirit of Combat
15th: Spirit of Heroism
20th: Spirit of the Fallen
25th: Spirit of Heroism 2/day
30th: Spirit of the Fallen 2/day

Each spirit available to you can be summoned once per day. A spirit remains for a number of rounds equal to your paladin level (except for Spirit of Healing which provides a passive benefit).

Spirit of Healing
This spirit increases your ability to heal damage done to you or your allies. This grants the Paladin the equivalent of two additional uses of Lay on Hands.

Spirit of Combat
This spirit enhances combat ability. You and your allies within 10' gains holy fervor. Holy fervor grants a +1 sacred bonus on attack and damage rolls for every four paladin levels you possess (up to a maximum of +7 at 28th level). This is an instantly activated ability. This divine damage bonus will not stack with other sources of a divine damage bonus.

Spirit of Heroism
You gain DR 10/-. In addition, you gain a number of bonus hit points equal to your hit dice. This is an instantly activated ability.

Spirit of the Fallen
You summon a celestial spirit to watch over you and your allies. You and your allies gain fast healing 10. If you or an ally within 30 feet when the spirit is summoned drop to 0 or fewer hit points the spirit revives that character. The character revived heals an amount equal to twice your paladin level and this revival can only happen once. This is an instantly activated ability.

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