New and Revised Cleric Domains

This upgrade has been integrated into my PRC pack found here:
It is available as both an Override version and a Hak version.

I've put together a set of new cleric domains to complement the new domains we are getting with MotB. I have 13 new domains, 10 revised domains from the original set, and 6 revised domains from the new MotB domains.

New and Revised Domains

Section I (Revised OEI domains)
Feat: Uncanny dodge
1. Ghostly Visage
3. Call lightning
6. Chain lightning
9. Elemental Swarm

Feat: Animal Companion
2. Cat's grace
3. Dominate Animal
4. True seeing

Feat: Slippery mind
1. Color Spray
5. Confusion

Feat: Cold resistance 5
2. Creeping Cold
3. Hypothermia
4. Ice Storm
6. Cone of Cold
9. Polar Ray

Feat: Blind Fight
1. Ghostly Visage
2. Blindness/Deafness
5. Shadow Conjuration
7. Power Word, Blind
9. Power Word Kill

Feat: Negative plane avatar
3. Death Ward
4. Phantasmal killer
9. Wail of the Banshee

Feat: Smite infidel
3. Rage
6. Acid fog
7. Disintegrate

Feat: Immunity to sleep
1. Sleep
3. Deep Slumber
4. Phantasmal Killer
7. Hiss of Sleep
9. Weird

Feat: Toughness
3. Spike Growth
4. Stoneskin
5. Energy immunity
8. Iron Body
9. Elemental Swarm

Feat: Able to turn outsiders
4. Evard's black tentacles
9. Weird

Feat: Fire Resistance 5
1. Burning Hands
3. Fireball
4. Wall of Fire
5. Elemental Shield
7. Fire Storm
8. Incendary Cloud
9. Elemental Swarm

Feat: Battle Master
1. Enlarge person
6. Tenser's transformation

Feat: Aura of Courage
2. Magic circle against alignment
5. Planar Binding, Lesser

Feat: Empowered Healing
2. Cure serious wounds
5. Heal

Feat: Extra spells
1. Identify
2. Knock
3. Clairaudience/Clairvoyance
4. True seeing
5. Legend lore

Feat: Iron Will
1. Lionheart
5. Hold Monster
7. Mass Hold Person

Feat: Luck of Heroes
3. Freedom of Movement
8. Spell Mantle, Greater

Feat: Extra spells
1. Mage armor
2. Melf's acid arrow
3. Assay resistance
5. Greater Dispel Magic
6. Spell mantle
8. Blackstaff

Feat: Woodland stride
1. Entangle
2. Barkskin
3. Poison
4. Mass camouflage
5. Vine Mine

Feat: Divine Protection
4. Globe of Invulnerability, Lesser
5. Energy immunity
6. Stoneskin
8. Mind Blank
9. Prismatic Spray

Feat: Divine Strength
1. Bull's Strength
3. Divine Power
6. Stoneskin

Feat: Exceptional turning
2. Searing Light
4. Elemental Shield
7. Sunbeam
8. Sunburst

Feat: Improved Initiative
1. True Strike
4. Haste
6. Legend Lore
7. Premonition

Feat: Fast movement
3. Freedom of movement
5. Haste

Feat: Feint
1. Grease
2. Invisibility
4. Confusion

Feat: Extra Turning
2. Animate Dead
6. Circle of Death
7. Create Greater Undead
8. Energy Drain

Feat: Weapon Focus
4. Flame Strike
8. Power Word, Stun
9. Power Word Kill

Feat: Evasion
1. Ghostly Visage
3. Poison
5. Ice Storm
6. Cone of Cold
7. Acid Fog
8. Horrid Wilting
9. Elemental Swarm


Section II (Domains I added the first time)
Bonus Feat: Dash
Bonus Spells:
1. Expeditious Retreat
2. Cat's Grace
3. Invisibility
4. Haste
7. Cat's Grace, Mass

Bonus Feat: Great Fortitude
Bonus Spells:
8. Protection from Spells
9. Elemental Swarm

Bonus Feat: Point Blank Shot
Bonus Spells:
1. True Strike
2. Cat's Grace
7. Liveoak (Spell I need to implement now that MotB is out)
8. Sunburst

Bonus Feat: Uncanny Dodge
Bonus Spells:
1. True Strike
5. Mark of Justice (New spell)
7. Legend Lore
8. Mind Blank
9. Premonition

Bonus Feat: Inspire Hatred (New feat)
Bonus Spells:
2. Scare
4. Rage
7. Blasphemy
9. Wail of the Banshee

Bonus Feat: Spell Focus (Illusion)
Bonus Spells:
2. Blur
3. Invisibility Sphere
4. Phantasmal Killer
9. Weird

Bonus Feat: Mystic Protection
Bonus Spells:
2. Lesser Visage of the Deity
4. Righteous Might
7. Holy Word

Bonus Feat: Divine Health
Bonus Spells:
2. Contagion
3. Poison
7. Scourge (New spell I did)
8. Horrid Wilting

Bonus Feat: Epic Resilience
Bonus Spells:
3. Heroism
7. Greater Heroism
9. Mass Charm Monster

Bonus Feat: Death Touch (New feat I did)
Bonus Spells:
3. Death Ward
4. Phantasmal Killer
6. Destruction
9. Wail of the Banshee

Bonus Feat: Resist Energy: Electricity
Bonus Spells:
2. Gust of Wind
3. Call Lightning
5. Ice Storm
7. Chain Lightning

Bonus Feat: Pain Touch (New feat)
Bonus Spells:
4. Enervation
5. Feeblemind
6. Destruction
9. Horrid Wilting

Bonus Feat: Spell Focus: Enchantment
Bonus Spells:
4. Fear
7. Bigby's Grasping Hand
8. Mass Charm Monster
9. Dominate Monster


Section III (New domains needed to finish the Faerun domain set, released in 1.42f)

Cavern Domain
Bonus Feat: Stonecunning
Bonus Spells: Earthquake (7), Power Word Petrify (9)

Charm Domain
Bonus Feat: Skill Focus (Diplomacy)
Bonus Spells: Charm Person (1), Charm Monster (5), Dominate Monster (9)

Craft Domain
Bonus Feat: Craft Wand
Bonus Spells: Stone Body (5), Iron Body (8)

Drow Domain
Bonus Feat: Lightning Reflexes
Bonus Spells: Clairaudience and Clairvoyance (2), Greater Planar Binding (8)

Family Domain
Bonus Feat: NWN9 Protective Aura (doesn't affect cleric)
Bonus Spells: Superior Resistance (5), Prismatic Spray (9)

Gnome Domain
Bonus Feat: Spell Focus (Illusion)
Bonus Spells: Stoneskin (5), Elemental Swarm (9)

Halfling Domain
Bonus Feat: Skill Focus (Hide)
Bonus Spells: Cat's Grace (2), Greater Stoneskin (9)

Mentalism Domain
Bonus Feat: Iron Will
Bonus Spells: Clairaudience and Clairvoyance (3), Mind Fog (4), Mind Blank (7)

Metal Domain
Bonus Feat: Weapon Focus (Light Hammer)
Bonus Spells: Keen Edge (3), Blade Barrier (5), Iron Body (8)

Moon Domain
Bonus Feat: Faerie Fire 1/day
Bonus Spells: Faerie Fire (1), Moon Bolt (4), Confusion (7), Moonfire (9)

Nobility Domain
Bonus Feat: NWN9 Protective Aura (doesn't affect cleric)
Bonus Spells: Dominate Person (5), Charm Monster (6)

Ocean Domain
Bonus Feat: Resist Energy (Cold 5)
Bonus Spells: Sound Burst (1), Greater Creeping Cold (6), Elemental Swarm (9)

Orc Domain
Bonus Feat: Smite Infidel
Bonus Spells: Power Word Kill (9)

Planning Domain
Bonus Feat: Extend Spell
Bonus Spells: Clairaudience and Clairvoyance (3)

Portal Domain
Bonus Feat: Skill Focus (Search)
Bonus Spells: Banishment (5), Etherealness (8)

Renewal Domain
Bonus Feat: Augment Healing
Bonus Spells: Lesser Restoration (1), Restoration (3), Greater Restoration (6)

Retribution Domain
Bonus Feat: Divine Vengeance
Bonus Spells: Elemental Shield (4), Greater Spell Mantle (9)

Rune Domain
Bonus Feat: Scribe Scroll
Bonus Spells: Glyph of Warding (2), Lesser Planar Binding (5), Planar Binding (7), Greater Planar Binding (9)

Scalykind Domain
Bonus Feat: Dragon Slayer
Bonus Spells: Magic Fang (1), Greater Magic Fang (3), Animal Growth (5), Creeping Doom (7)

Slime Domain
Bonus Feat: Use Poison
Bonus Spells: Melf's Acid Arrow (2), Poison (3), Evard's Black Tentacles (5), Power Word Blind (8)

Spell Domain
Bonus Feat: Skill Focus (Spellcraft)
Bonus Spells: Mage Armor (1), Greater Spell Mantle (8)

Spider Domain
Bonus Feat: Use Poison
Bonus Spells: Tenacious Plague (6), Creeping Doom (8)

Trade Domain
Bonus Spells: Skill Focus (Appraise)
Bonus Feat: Identify (1), Legend Lore (5), Mind Blank (9)

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