Module Events

On Module Start Script -

ExecuteScript("cmi_pw_mod_start", GetModule());


On Player Equip Item Script -

object oPC = GetPCItemLastEquippedBy();
ExecuteScript("cmi_player_equip", oPC);


On Player Level Up Script -

object oPC = GetPCLevellingUp();
ExecuteScript("cmi_player_levelup", oPC );


On Player Unequip Item Script -

object oPC = GetPCItemLastUnequippedBy();
ExecuteScript("cmi_player_unequip", oPC);


On PC Loaded Script -

object oPC = GetEnteringObject();

On PC Rest Script -

object oPC = GetLastPCRested();


On Heartbeat Script -

ExecuteScript("cmi_mod_hb", OBJECT_SELF); //This is the module


Special Note:
PW's can comment out the IsModuleSupported line of the cmi_pc_loaded script because the Module Start already takes care of this. This is more for SP users.

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