My content on NWVault

The following is a list of my content that can be found on NWVault:

Blackguard Fiendish Servant Upgrade

Kaedrin's PrC Pack v1.42.1 This features 3 base classes, 46 prestige classes, 123 spells, 93 feats, 13 domains, new crafting options, and a variety of game fixes.

Kaedrin's PrC Pack Non-English Dialog.TLK files v1.40 (MotB) This provides non-English support for my content.

Crafted Ammo, Enchanted Ranged Weapons, Crafted Thrown Weapons, and Enchanted Thrown Weapons (Both) v1.21 This is my crafting work as a stand-alone option and is included in my PrC Pack.

Paladin and Cleric Spell Pack (non-MotB) This is a retired project that added roughly 25 new spells for clerics and paladins and was the precursor to my PrC pack.

For Developers

Bonus Spells by Ability 2DA This 2DA file lists all of the bonus spell slots that should be available for a high spellcasting attribute and is used for the custom Assassin/Blackguard spellbooks.

Module Event Tagged Module

For MotB players

MotB pre-order items This download has the three pre-orders for MotB.

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