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Last Updated: January 23, 2010

A = Assassin, BG = Blackguard, C = Cleric/Favored Soul, D = Druid/Spirit Shaman, P = Paladin, R = Ranger, SW = Sorcerer/Wizard, Wlk = Warlock

Angelskin (P2)
Animal Growth (D5, R4)
Awaken Sin (C3, P2)
Blasphemy (Hate 7)
Blessed Aim (B4, BG1, C1, P1, R3)
Blessing of Bahumut (P3)
Blessing of the Righteous (C4, P4)
Blood of the Martyr (P4)
Briar Web (D2, R2)
Caster's Lament (Warlock - Dark)
Castigate (C4, P4)
Caustic Web (Warlock - Greater)
Chasing Perfection (C6, P6, SW6)
Cloak of Bravery (C3, P2)
Dark Foresight (Warlock - Dark)
Deadly Lahar (D8, SW8)
Deafening Clang (P1)
Draconic Might (P4)
Eldritch Glaive (Wlk 1)
Embrace the Wild (D2, R1)
Energized Shield (C3, P2)
Energized Shield, Lesser (C2, P1)
Enrage Animal (D1, R1)
Faerie Fire (D1)
Flame of Faith (C3, P2)
Flaywind Burst (C5, D5, SW5)
Frightful Presence (Warlock - Lesser)
Frost Breath (C2, D2, SW2)
Halo of Sand (D2, R2)
Hand of Divinity (BG2, C2, P2)
Hawkeye (D2, R2)
Heartfire (B2, D2)
Hellspawned Grace (Warlock - Greater)
Holy Word (Mysticism 7)
Ignore the Pyre (Warlock - Lesser)
Inspirational Boost (B1)
Instill Vulnerability (Warlock - Dark)
Lawful Sword (P4)
Leonal's Roar (D8)
Lesser Aura of Cold (D3, P4, R4)
Lesser Visage of the Deity (BG4, C3, P4)
Linked Perception (D2, R1)
Lionheart (P1)
Lion's Roar (C8)
Living Undeath (C2)
Mark of Justice (Fate 5)
Nature's Favor (D2, R2)
Nixie's Grace (B6)
Orb of Acid (SW4)
Orb of Acid, Lesser (SW1)
Orb of Cold (SW4)
Orb of Cold, Lesser (SW1)
Orb of Electricity (SW4)
Orb of Electricity, Lesser (SW1)
Orb of Fire (SW4)
Orb of Fire, Lesser (SW1)
Orb of Force (SW4)
Orb of Sound (SW4)
Orb of Sound, Lesser (SW1)
Phantom Bear (D9)
Phantom Wolf (D8)
Plant Body (D5)
Repelling Blast (Warlock - Greater)
Resonating Bolt (B4)
Righteous Fury (P3)
Scourge (Pestilience 7)
Second Wind (P1)
Shield of Warding (C3, P2)
Silverbeard (P1)
Sirine's Grace (B4, D5)
Skin of the Cactus (D4, R3)
Sonic Shield (B3)
Sonic Weapon (B2)
Sound Blast (B5, SW5)
Splinterbolt (D2)
Strategic Charge (BG1, P1)
Strength of Stone (P2)
Tempest Blast (Warlock - Lesser)
Thorn Skin (D3)
Trip Vine (D2, R2)
Undead Bane Weapon (C4, P3)
Undead Baneful Blast (Warlock - Lesser)
Visage of the Deity (C6, Mysticism 5)
Weapon of Energy (C3, SW3)
Weapon of the Deity (BG3, C3, P3)
Wild Instincts (D2, R3)
Zeal (BG2, Competition 2, P2)

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