Stalker Of The Depths

The Underdark's most dangerous predators are not its horrific monstrosities, crawling and festering in the darkest of grottoes. Rather, they are the deadly stalkers of the depths, moving effortlessly through a jungle of living rock.

Just as a surface ranger feels at peace in the heart of a virgin forest, so too is the stalker of the depths at home in the wilds of the Underdark. Yet even in his most familiar environment, he is aware of the ever-present danger that surrounds him. It is in the task of surviving this endless peril that he finds peace away from so-called "civilized folk."

A character can achieve a maximum of 5 levels in the Stalker of the Depths prestige class.

Requirements: Tracking, May not have DreadCom, NWN9, or Underdark Marauder levels, Survival 8
BAB: High
Saves: Fort, Ref
Skill Pts: 4
HD: d8
Levels: 5

L1: Skill Focus (Set Trap), Low-Light Vision
L2: Sneak 1d6, Skill Focus (Craft Trap), Darkvision
L3: Skirmish AC +1 AC, Skill Focus (Hide)
L4: Swift Tracker, Skill Focus (Move Silently)
L5: Sneak 2d6, Scent

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