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Last updated 10:45 PM CST

Time to take my lumps. Woke up with a migraine today so nothing got done other than a little work on cleaning up the tlk.

Tomorrow night is free for me so when I get home I'll work on cranking it out. I've got about 6 hours of work to do testing/cleaning up the last 7 classes so a 1 day delay instead of half a release makes more sense to me.

I'll be in town through Wednesday so I'm not worried about it. It will still be under the Christmas tree and all. :P

Last updated 6:44 PM CST

I'm back from my trip! The 1.39 update now has a hard release date which will not be missed (content will be cut if needs be but I don't anticipate this happening). December 20th is the final release date for the update.

Last updated 4:33 PM CST

Work resumes…

Last updated 6:43 PM CST

All things considered, I screwed up a bit when I didn't finish the 1.39 release with the time I had on Tuesday/Wednesday. I completely forgot I'm going to be on TDY next week and I'm flying out at lunch time on Sunday so half my weekend isn't available. Ahh the joys of living day to day as a single guy. =)

Last updated 11:33 AM CST

Rest and Relaxation won out over doing CC so progress on 1.39 was… minimal in the last two days. ;) I ran into a problem with the daggerspell shaper daggers so I may redesign the dagger claws ability to avoid the possible exploit. Similarly both of the daggerspells are probably going to get a tweak to the part where the dagger damage is added to the spell. Instead of full dagger damage (and all bonuses piled on it) I'm leaning on d4 + Daggerspell level (per dagger).

Last updated 5:33 PM CST

I'm off for the next two days due to a hurricane/tropical storm hitting the area and the holiday so I'll get 1.39 knocked out assuming my power stays on. I've added a little more to 1.39/1.40 as well, though I seriously need to stop and just finish up. Not wanting to do the blueprints will do that to you. :P

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November 2007

November 30th: I'm back from the trip but pretty wiped out. I'll get back to nwn2 cc work tomorrow. I need to update the hak version with some missing files and try to finish the version combined with Reeron's.

November 26th: All releases of the 1.18 version are up on the vault. A new language pack entry on the vault is awaiting authorization that has the French, Italian, and Spanish versions available for download (my content is in English, the rest is the language of the download). I'm headed off on a business trip so in case folks need to roll back to 1.17 I've put up an Archive Version page until I get back to fix any issues. I didn't manage to get the combined pack with Reeron's spell fixes and PrC updates done before time to pack so I'll have to finish that once I get back Saturday. I've only got a couple hours work left to do on it (making sure all the files are in the combined pack, the 2da/tlk work is done, then some more testing).

November 25th: I'm going to update the readme for 1.18 and tomorrow I'll check the differences in version 3.4 and 3.8 of Reeron's spell fixes and fold those into our combined pack as well as do the custom.tlk fixes so I can release a multiplayer version. As a note: the dispels are back in and working. I'm keeping them as they are with 3 targeting options for now until I go back and review the books to see how they should be.

November 23rd: I've got Faerie Fire in. Heartfire should be along shortly. I've got the basics of stacking dice in for some of my PrCs (Death Attack and the Nightsong classes) but I'm going to need to test it out pretty thoroughly.

November 21st: New Community Blog is up.
Still having issues with the dispels and the Heartfire spell so I'm going to cut them from 1.18 for now. Version 1.18 will have to be released Friday due to some more testing issues. Due to the delay I'll replace some of the domain icon files with Brian's work and make the change so that the Rogue, Nightsong Enforcer, and Nightsong Infiltrator levels stack for granting Sneak Attack dice like the Avenger/Assassin/Black Flame Zealot do for Death Attack. It's very close but there are a few issues that bug me enough to not release it yet. As a condolence I'm putting up the next set of PrC descriptions for the Druid/Ranger/Polymorph update which are the: Lion of Talisid, Nature's Warrior, Sentinel of Bharrai, Daggerspell Shaper, Highland Stalker, and Elemental Archer

November 20th: I typed up the feat descriptions for the new reserve feat system in the planning stages today: Reserve Feats
I'm working on 1.18 trying to iron out the issues with the Nightsong classes and their aura's, so hopefully it will be soon.
November 19th: I put a preview for some of the Icons from Brian Meyer I'm rolling into 1.18. The AOEs and auras blew most of the night getting them fixed so I need to finish the TLK changes and the rework of the Heartfire and Dispel spells before it's ready. I need to do some more testing on the awarded Death Attack dice as well before I feel good about releasing. Worst case will be Wednesday for the release since I have the day off.
November 18th: Still working on 1.18. Found some issues in testing and the auras took me a little longer to debug than I expected. Looking good for tomorrow.
November 16th: I've worked out on paper how to do the reserve feats system for casters. I've identified about 10 of the reserve feats that are doable. The first cut will only have the primary benefit but over time I'd like to add the secondary benefit.
November 14th: Brian Meyer has done some great custom icons for me that I'll be rolling in to the 1.18 release. There are new class icons for the Black Flame Zealot, the Divine Seeker, Hospitaler, Shining Blade and Tempest. I've got icons waiting on the PrC's for the Lion of Talisid, Elemental Archer, Highland Stalker, and Nature's Warrior.
November 14th: Site updated on most pages to better present information. Older information was updated to be current (assassin/blackguard spellbooks). A new general section has been added (and Contact moved there) to add the Links and Help Wanted sections.
November 13th: Got a dentist appointment tomorrow for the tooth. Hopefully after some novacaine and temporary work I'll sleep the night off. Then thursday I should be good to go getting back to 1.18.
November 13th: General forums have been opened up and they allow anonymous posting. If you have any requests for spells, feats, or PrCs the forums are an ideal place to do so!
November 11th: Delay in 1.18 due to a cracked tooth. I'll work on it when the painkillers work. Hopefully I get a dental appointment Tuesday. Meh. Nightmare pet for Blackguards is possible and will be rolled into that release (I'll look at other pet choices).
November 10th: I put up a poll to gauge interest in the order for the releases. It can be found here:
November 7th: Current Projects updated with details for the upcoming releases.
November 5th: Descriptions are up for the Nightsong Infiltrator, Nightsong Enforcer, and Divine Seeker.
November 4th: Picked up Complete Champion. Haven't had time to look at it yet.
November 3rd, November 4th: v1.15 to v1.17 was released to solve some issues with the PrCs from remapping their feats. Painful, but necessary to combine content with other PrC developers in the community.

October 2007

October 31st, 2007: v1.14 is released and fixes some description errors for the Assassin and Avenger. They also now get the correct number of level 3 and 4 spells per day (they were getting 1 less than they should).
October 30th, 2007: v1.13 is released and should be the last of the changes needed to allow Draco, Reeron, and myself to combine our work. Maximize and Empower were added for the Orb/Lesser Orb line of spells.
October 29th, 2007: I've put up a beta page for the Elemental Archer PrC, a custom creation for the Genasi that focuses on ranged or thrown weapons and their heritage. You can find it here.
October 28th, 2007: v1.12 is released, a LOT of work has gone into changing my content to allow compatibility with Reeron's spell fixes. Soon we can have a single download that includes Draco, Reeron, and my content.
October 22nd, 2007: v1.11 is released.
October 17th, 2007: Looked into using items for domain spells. This could drastically speed up the Contemplative showing up on the scene. It would also help the UI (two slots vs 1-9 for feat-based spells).
October 16th, 2007: Worked on a Epic Arcane Archer. Made some good strides.
October 10th, 2007: My PrC pack and fletching pack were updated for MotB (single player version is now 1.10). The PrC pack adds the Shining Blade, the Black Flame Zealot, and revises the new MotB domains to include their missing spells.
October 5th, 2007: My fletching pack was updated to include thrown weapons as well as a single player only version that uses existing recipes found here.

September 2007

September 30th, 2007: Kaedrin's PRC Pack has been updated to version 1.06 and includes the New and Revised Cleric Domains

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