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December 2007

Summon Elemental and Minor Shapeshift from the Reserve Feats are being pushed to the Nature update do some changes I'm going to need to do finish them. I need to create a number of new creature blueprints from the sourcebooks for the feats in the Nature update which happens to be the same blueprints I need for the Summon Elemental. Minor Shapeshift I'm delaying to avoid messing with polymorph until the nature update. Charnel Miasma has been removed permanently as it is a weaker version of Sickening Touch that is only available to those with the Death Domain.

That said, the reserve feats are done so I need to do the 2da work, finish the tlk work, double check the bug fixes, and clean it all up. So tomorrow is looking good (as planned) for the v1.23 release.

I've added some more items to the Nature and Champion updates as far as planned content. Paladins will gain full caster levels with the rest of the default spells and Rangers will gain the full spellcaster level option as well.

I'm going to try using this tablist for now to avoid the wall of text that the blog-style updates have become. lol

December 28th: I've gone through the books for the new Invocations I plan to add for the Warlock update. The Current Release Plans section has the list. As far as new feats, Profane Aura has been added to the Undead update and Einhander has been added to the Melee Combat update. v1.23 will have a few more fixes thanks to some finds by users notably related to Domains.

Today starts a 4 day weekend for me so I'll have plenty of time to work on the 1.23 update. I'll also be adding the German version to the non-English dialog files.

New PrCs made the list though I'm not sure where in the update list they will go yet. Doomguide, Elemental Archon, Silverstar, Wearer of Purple, Dirgesinger, Sacred Purifier, Runescarred Berserker, and Elemental Savant. I'll have the descriptions up this weekend for the new stuff.

December 27th: I'm back at my house and currently back at work on the next update. Thanks to Kaerius and xsikal for their bug reports I've got some more issues to fix.

December 24th: While I'm without toolset access, I'm working on going through my notes and updating the site with descriptions from the sourcebooks. I've got the last of the reserve feat triggers finished and I'm writing scripts in notepad so when I get back I should be able to turn it around fairly quickly.

I've updated the Champion Update of the Current Release Plans page and the Champion feats list from the New Feats page with the limited amount of Blade Magic (from Tome of Battle) I plan to introduce. The Martial Study and Martial Stance feats allow anyone to gain these feats as the only limit is character level. The stances act as personal buffs while the maneuvers act as special strikes (similar to Smite mechanics wise). The blade magic is drawn primarily from Devoted Spirit as befitting the champion update. If this implementation goes well for the Melee Combat update I'll add some of the Stone Dragon discipline.

I'll get the details up for the blade magic as well as the spell details for the druid/ranger spells when I get another chance.

December 23nd: Something I've been using since MotB came out but never got around to uploading to the vault came to my attention while I was backing up my scripts to take to my folks. So I've uploaded the Preorder items from MotB to NWVault for others to enjoy: MotB Pre-order items.

I'm looking forward to the new year. Plenty of CC work to do and with help from community members I'll continue to have custom icons and I'll start to gain new VFXs for my spells/feats. Add in AI support for the content and it's going to be a good year indeed!

December 22nd: Some slightly disappointing news: I didn't get the reserve feats update finished in time for Christmas. I'm still working on them today so there is a small chance they will be done before Tuesday but given how much running around I still have to do I'm not keeping my hopes up. It is close enough it will be done for new years though. I updated the plans for the Nature, Champion, Divine, and Arcane releases to add the planned spells I typed up at lunch during the past week. If I don't get a chance to post again until after Tuesday, then let me wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

The spell lists and short details for the bard section (haven't finished the Druid/Ranger short details yet) can be found here.

The Tierdrial section has been hidden again as I haven't had much time to work on it for some strange reason! With all the CC work I doubt I ever get to it but I like to tinker with it now and then.

December 20th: I've released version 1.22 which includes 7 fixes as well as updated the combined works with the fixes. I'm currently working on the multiplayer versions (including the feat selection fix from 1.21) and should have them up soon. The multiplayer versions are done and up. Back to the reserve feats.

December 19th: The hotfix was uploaded to the patch servers so some time tomorrow we will be getting the hotfix. I'll turn an update (v1.22) around as soon as I can after the patch is available for download from the autoupdater. I'm continuing on the Reserve Feats but I'm behind where I hoped to be due to investigating possible problems that were reported.

I had a little time to type up some more spell descriptions so I'll get those posted when I get a chance. I added a new set of spells for the Ranger, Druid, and Bard spells update since I probably won't get back to those classes for some time after their updates. The new spells are: Eyes of the Avoral, Inspired Aim, Healing Lorecall, Wracking Touch, Listening Lorecall, Thornskin, Aura of Lesser Cold, Aura of Greater Cold, Cometstrike, Snowsong, Thunderswarm, Undersong, and Halo of Sand.

Update v1.23 (Reserve Feats) should feature an all new, cleaned up readme file that includes most of the contents of this website and the information on the nwvault download page.

I've got the include file based on v1.21 finished for developers and it's available here: include file

Update for patch 1.12: When Obsidian releases the hotfix I'll be doing v1.22 to do any updates needed as well as fixing the following issues:

  • Lion's Roar will correctly apply buffs to friendly targets in hardcore mode.
  • Shield of Warding will no longer give double the reflex bonus it should.
  • Castigate correctly set to deal Sonic damage instead of Divine.
  • Living Undeath correctly set to be a Necromancy spell.
  • Holy Word will use the correct script (it was using Blasphemy).
  • Nightsong Infiltrator teamwork feat recompiled in case a bad version made it in the install.
  • Mysticisim Domain will correctly grant Lesser Visage of the Deity at level 2 and not Lionheart.

December 18th: In a few days I'll have been contributing to the NWN2 community for four months (from the time of the first release). Looking back I've come a LONG way in a short time but I feel I've still got quite a bit more I can do. I hope the quality continues to improve as I refine my process of adding stuff but due to the very nature of this bugs are inevitable. :P It's been a fun ride so far and I look forward to the new year and the challenges and achievements it will bring!

I found some notes I took out of the Complete Champion that never made it into the update process. The Awesome Smite feat has now been added to the Champion update and Healing Hymn has been added to the Bard update. I got the one-liner descriptions done for the Bard spells this morning before work but I'll wait until I get the Druid and Ranger spells done before posting the set. I'm trying to get the Reserve feats knocked out but there are a lot of spell lists to chew threw. :P

December 17th: The New Feats page has been updated with complete descriptions for the feats coming in the Nature update as well as the Reserve Feats update. I should have the Bard update descriptions up soon as well (need to look up 3 more feats). I'm continuing to work on the Reserve Feats.

December 16th: I'm chewing through the reserve feats so I'll be releasing whichever are finished by the end of the week (if they are not all finished by then). I'm about halfway done right now with the trickier ones left to do. The following reserve feats are script complete: Acidic Splatter, Clap of Thunder, Fiery Burst, Hurricane Breath, Invisible Needle, Storm Bolt, and Touch of Healing. I took some time to update the Blackguard and Assassin pages with an upcoming section based off of their planned update.

Version 1.21 (and 1.05 of the combined works) went up fixing two issues: fixed the Feat.2da entries for the Divine Seeker and Nightsong Infiltrator that were causing the wrong text to show up in the game. The Black Flame Zealot and Shining Blade now correctly only shows spellcasting classes they can take instead of all the divine casters.

December 15th: Throughout today I'll be updating the Current, New Feats, New Spells, and the PrC pages. The New Feats page will has been cleaned up significantly and now breaks down all of the feats by their planned release and includes a brief description for the feat from the Wizards of the Coast feat index. The Current page has been updated with the new plans for feats and PrCs as well as adding a few new releases. The PrC page was updated to list all of the PrCs I currently plan to work on and I'll be adding brief descriptions of the classes from the WotC prestige class list index. The New Spells page has been updated with the lists broken down by class as well as retaining the list of all spells added to date.

A new Upcoming Release Poll is up now that I've cleaned up and organized the upcoming releases. Please only vote once on the one you are most looking forward to.

December 13th: I should have a few updates tonight when I get home. Found a few new PrCs to add to the list, a few feats, finished up the descriptions for the Anointed Knight and Warrior of Darkness, and got most of the work done on the patch 1.11 version of the combined pack between Reeron and myself. The research for the Reserve Feats is nearly finished with only a little left to check. This weekend is looking decent for me getting most of the feats done. I'd say the Reserve Feats update should be middle of next week at the current pace (right in time for the hotfix). Oh, and the include file should be finished by tomorrow which means I might actually get to do that revamp of the readme this week. I spent some time last night helping re-organize Reeron's TLK entries due to the patch which will help future updates for the combined pack (and his stand-alone) be MUCH faster and opens up the possibility of a hak version as well as localized like my pack is (when I get the updated tlk files).

I got a lot done today:

  • The Anointed Knight and Warrior of Darkness descriptions are up!
  • The include file has been finished so when I next rebuild all of the spell scripts I'll use the new constants.
  • I've got almost all of the PrCs and feats mapped out into which themed release they should go in. I'll start working on updating the Current page with these details as soon as I can.
  • I've come some new additions as far as PrCs: Divine Emissary, Dragon Samurai, Bonded Summoner, Dread Commando, Hammer of Moradin, Holy Liberator, Warshaper, Master of Shrouds, Winterhaunt, and Blade Dancer (custom dual wield PrC).
  • I've found a few more feats to pad out the list as well: Anarchic Strike, Axiomatic Strike, Kiai Shout, Greater Kiai Shout, Improved Smiting, Master of the Elements, Epic Fiendish Resilience, Morpheme Savant, Paragon Visionary, Shield Bash, Improved Shield Bash, Ranged Weapon Mastery - Piercing, Corpsecrafter, Deadly Chill, Destructive Retribution, Necromantic Presence, Necromantic Might, Requiem, Song of the Heart, Profane Vigor, Focused Spell Penetration, the Fey Heritage line of feats, and the Fiendish Heritage line of feats.
  • I found some new poisons for Assassins, Avengers, and Blackguards in the Book of Vile Deeds that have a much higher DC than the existing ones.
  • I read about a serious upgrade for the Pale Master's level 9 undead pet. It's supposed to follow the cohort (Leadership) rules which means that a level 20 character should have a level 17 pet and and if you take the Epic Leadership feat the pet should continue to upgrade until it caps at a level 25 cohort (Erinyes is a valid substitute at level 17 as well as a Young Green Dragon). I'm not sure what to do about this yet.

December 11th: The multiplayer versions are up for v1.20 wrapping up that release. I've also got the Italian version of the language pack updated for v1.20 and I'm awaiting the French and Spanish files to update them. The combined pack needs some extensive dialog.tlk work which is next.

It looks like combined works mod has made the news in Kotaku this week in light of the recent patch. That's pretty cool to get mentioned on a site not dedicated to NWN2!

December 10th: New patch (1.11) should be hitting tonight so as soon as I get it I'll start work on v1.20 (came out at 10pm cst). I have a feeling I'm going to have to do quite a bit of work in the Dialog.tlk and 2DA files due to the new spells that may be included (I knew it was coming). Simple work, but time intensive. I've finished the single player version of v1.20 so that it is compatible with the 1.11 patch. I'll finish the multiplayer and work on the the combined pack with Reeron tomorrow. I expect a hotfix from Obsidian for the spells.2da or to provide a new dialog.tlk with new icon files so I'll likely be doing a version 1.21 soon (and changing the reserve feat update to v1.22).

After looking at the script code for two of the new spells (that I have done in my pack) I noticed a few errors in mine that shouldn't have been there. I'm going to do a bugfix review of my scripts soon to make sure there aren't any more like that (they were minor but important to me).

I should have the descriptions for the Anointed Knight and Warrior of Darkness up soon. My next documentation step is to get the spells I've done moved out of the game text and onto the website on the new spells page for easy perusal. After that I'll work on the descriptions for the feats so I can update the new feats page.

I made a lot of headway on the include file for PW's and TonyK but I didn't get it finished this weekend. Didn't get much of anything done with my mom in the hospital. Hopefully this week I'll get the research for the reserve feats finished (which spells trigger the feats) so this weekend I can code them up. If all goes well I'll have a release this weekend and if not it will be up till the weekend before Christmas. The reserve feats *WILL* be done before Christmas as a treat to everyone even if I have to cut some of the other expected contents to get it done.

December 7th: I found something I plan to try and add for the Druid/Ranger update: Spell sharing. Any spell the druid/ranger casts on themselves will affect their animal companion if it is within 5'. So you can now buff your pet without having to use twice the spells (you and your pet) you normally would. Having the spell cast again with all the correct info is where the challenge will be.

December 6th: The first reserve feat is working (Touch of Healing) as a model for the rest of the feats. The most time consuming part of the reserve feats is finding which spells should allow the feat to activate.

I've also got a cut done for how to do the Charging Smite ability for Paladins finally. Given what I can do, it's probably the best possible approach and it kills me I didn't think of it a couple months ago. With time comes experience I guess. :P I've also got a second way to skin the same cat that I'm going to code up. Once I playtest them both I'll choose the more natural/balanced solution.

I finished checking all of the source books I have access to for feats I think I can implement and came up with about 80. That's going to have to be prioritized of course. lol I'll get it typed up once I get a chance.

I'm going to be scarce this weekend due to my mom having knee replacement surgery so if I'm lucky I'll be able to knock out the Reserve Feats before Christmas (my goal as a preset for all).

Finally, I've put up a new page that is the start of spell descriptions found here: Spell Descriptions

December 5th: Orb and Lesser Orbs spells have been updated to use the proper saving throws and their maximize damage is now correct. This fix will be rolled into the next version though I can make a four file download hotfix if necessary.

December 4th: There is now a hotfix available for download that finally fixes the dispel spells (I swear!). The non-English language files also got updated to 1.19 today. I didn't get the multiplayer versions done due to chasing the damn dispel problems but that shouldn't take me very long tomorrow. I got all of the 2da work done today so it's just a matter of getting all the scripts rebuilt (including the dispel hotfix) and the Hak repackaged. The biggest point from all these issues has been that I shouldn't have rushed 1.18 out the door before my business trip. The next update (with Reserve Feats) won't be released until it's been tested extensively. v1.01 of the combined works is up that includes the dispel fixes and the correct set of scripts from Reeron's work.

December 3rd: Tonight a combined works of myself and Reeron was submitted to the vault based on my v1.19 and his v3.9. I'll link it tomorrow once it goes live. Once I get home from work I'll post an updated version of the multiplayer versions and the foreign language dialog files.

December 2nd: Quimble is back up so the poll is working again. I wish I could find a poll that would limit voting by IP but I haven't spent much effort looking for one. Most of the ones I've seen so far though don't account for it. I've got the combined works with TonyK and Reeron finished but Reeron is about to release a new version so I'm going to wait for that update. Looks like the LoH change didn't stick as the targeting for that feat is hard coded. I'll fix it and upload it as 1.19 for those that have Paladins. Reeron posted the new version pretty late so I'll finish the update tomorrow.

December 1st: Looks like Quimble is having gateway problems so the poll is temporarily down. I've got the Hak version of 1.18 updated with the missing files but I'm holding off on posting it until I get some feedback on what might be missing from the erf file. Working on a fix for the dispel change I did in 1.18 not playing well with Reeron's spell fixes.

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