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Last updated 7:50pm cst

I've been crazy busy as you might have noticed by the Work in Progress page being updated the last few days. I've been a bit quiet here (blog-wise) as I've been focused on working in the toolset, testing the 1.12 beta patch, coming up with the Documentation for integrating my work into a Module or PW, as well as looking into a few reported issues (and fixing them). I should have a new version of the Fletching Mod stand-alone, Event Tagged Module, MotB Pre-order items, and foreign language files update (adding Spanish back to the mix). I've also generated a master-list spreadsheet that has all of the spells, feats, and prcs I plan to do for the time being along with their source so I can more easily find and implement content.

Last updated 5:32pm cst

I took a little time at lunch today to clean up my master spreadsheet that contains content plans. There were a few new feats, spells, and prc's that aren't on the main pages yet but I'll update those when I need a break from coding. In the meantime I'm going to finish testing the new crafting recipes and then work on the Stormsinger some more.

Last updated 7:14pm cst

New PrCs on the list (not yet on the current plans or upcoming PrCs pages) are: Arcane Duelist, Mystic Wanderer and Nightcloak.
I put up a temporary page for a complete Nature and Music spell list but I may need to prune it a bit. 92 spells listed I'd like to do. LOL

Last updated 5:51pm cst

Ok, I'm back at work with NWN2 stuff after a small break so the daily blog updates should resume along with progress on the next update. I've been trying to patch things up with my ex-gf and we finally threw in the towel this past weekend so I've got a lot more free time now than I've had lately. I made some good progress with the Stormsinger's stacking Bardsong though I'm still trying to decide the best way to handle multiple prc's adding to the bard class (along with Wildshape for the Lion of Talisid).

Last updated 9:15pm cst

After a few hours of chasing, fixing, and testing I've got the problem with some crafting recipes not working with my fletching mod. I'll try and update the stand-alone fletching mod soon with the fixes when I get a chance.

Last updated 7:22pm cst

Bladesong is licked so I need to clean out the debug messages. I used the "fixed" code for Crossbow Sniper so it's good to go as well. Given I plan to do another release this weekend and it's Wednesday I think I'm going to sit on a release for a few days and see if I can get the PrCs knocked out over the next few days. If so I'll get as many new feats from the Nature update into the 1.30 release as I can this weekend. Now that the the bladesong is fixed I also need to get back to finishing up the documentation. Joy!

Last updated 7:04pm cst

I've fixed the bug with the Bladesong Style cutting out when you switch between modules. I still need to double check loading a game in a module to make sure PC_Loaded is firing it correctly with the new changes. Once I get that tested and the messages removed I'll probably post a new version. I've got Crossbow Sniper and Penetrating Shot finished but they haven't been tested yet.

Last updated 7:35pm cst

I'm working to track down some of the bugs that arrived in v1.29. Hopefully I'll get them found and resolved quickly thanks to some savegames right around the problem points.

Last updated 8:40pm cst

Tomorrow night I'll be uploading the 1.29 update. I'm currently cleaning out the last of the debug messages and temporarily disabling the Stormsinger content. Once that is done I'll start generating all of the needed packages including the combined works. I'll also have a new event module with updated scripts to upload as well due to some changes found while working on companions. Once 1.29 is out I'll start on the 1.30 update which will have 3-4 new prc's, any needed fixes, and possibly a few of the feats from the Nature update. The focus is going to be knocking out those PrCs. After 1.30 I'll move back to the full Nature update and work on the remaining PrCs as well as the feats and polymorph changes.

A bit of bad news: the cutscene dispelling polymorph issues can NOT be reliably fixed by the community. The OC and MotB scripts conflict with each other meaning a single script can't be used to solve the problem. Then there is the issue with polymorphed players not having access to the items they have without a form which can and will break certain conversations (such as the silver sword, ect). The cure is worse than the disease I'm afraid. I didn't expect to be able to fix it but I did spend a lot of time trying!

Last updated 5:08pm cst

I'm continuing work on the 1.29 update and I've shifted a few things out to later releases. The alternate turn rules are getting bumped to the Champion update and fixing the cutscene issue has been cut completely because fixing it will break the game in several places. I'm still trying to get companions working correctly with custom feats and leveling up with prestige classes. I can see why Obsidian limited the player to not being able to choose what classes your companion can be.

Last updated 7:32pm cst

I've been updating the Work in Progress page constantly today as I work on the 1.29 update. I'll continue to work on it after the Superbowl.

Last updated 9:40am cst

January has been moved to the January 2008 Blog Archive now that it's February. I've been quiet the last few days as I've been working pretty hard on knocking out the Companion issue with custom content. I've got to test it with cutscenes and a few more tests with companions but I'm feeling pretty good about it. The Work in Progress page has been updated as I continue to roll fixes into the 1.29 update that I hope to have completed this weekend.

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