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Last updated 8:11pm cst

Just a heads up, but there is going to be a hotfix for 1.13 next week that fixes a problem with the EffectDamageIncrease effect. This affects over 40 of my scripts so I'll be waiting until the hotfix to do a 1.13 version of my pack. You can continue to use this as there were no changes in 1.13 that would affect my content, but the damage increase abilities of classes won't work correctly (they only work on crits until the hotfix).

Last updated 10:36pm cst

Beta 4a is up with the fixes for the Beta 4 bugs. I may knock out the Child of Night tomorrow. Description for the Frost Disciple is available.

Last updated 2:55pm cst

More new descriptions up for people to read over: Death Delver, Frost Disciple, Child of Night, Wildrunner, Hammer of Moradin (partially), and Winterhaunt.

Last updated 8:20pm cst
Beta 4 is now up on the Vault.

Last updated 5:15pm cst

I've got some new descriptions up for people to read over: Knight Phantom, Morninglord of Lathander, Elemental Archon, and Stormcaster.

Last updated 9:40pm cst

Looks like I'll be buying a new microphone this weekend as I'll be interviewed for a NWN Podcast soon. I'm not sure when the interview will be broadcast but I'll post it here when it goes live. I've been following the NWN podcasts since last year around the time MotB was released and it's always good. It's amazing how many different viewpoints a gaming community can have. ;)

Something that occurred to me is that when I iron out the wrinkles in the new smite routine it would also serve as a pen and paper version of the Hideous Blow invocation for warlocks. I'll probably drop a few fixes in for Warlocks this weekend if everything goes smoothly.

Last updated 6:30pm cst

Work is going pretty well on the Purgatorio prcs and the updates to make it compatible with my content. I've got one finished and three more in a state of near completion. Some good news for everyone on this front: starting in the first week of September I'll be releasing one prestige class a week on NWVault as part of my pack (the actual class) in advance of Purgatorio. These PrCs will have their faction requirement removed (for the stand-alone work) and will be usable in the OC/MotB/SoZ. I'll be releasing the description for the class a week in advance for the unannounced PrCs. The Elemental Warrior will be the first PrC to hit the streets on September 1st along with the description for the Bleakers faction prestige class.

After Beta 4 hits this weekend I may try to do a bugfix only Beta 5 and release 1.33 in that state. The remaining content from 1.33 will become 1.34. This way the stuff that has been tested and is solid can be released for general use. I'm still debating on this as I want to do a serious testing scrub myself to make sure it's ready to do a MP and combined version of. 1.13 should be hitting soon as well so I'm tempted to keep adding stuff until 1.13 comes out and then lock content at that point for a new version. Decisions Decisions.

Last updated 5:50pm cst

Beta 3 was released before the weekend so that folks can enjoy the Thug and the Forest Master while I continue to work on the next push. The Dragon Samurai is partially complete but I'm going to be shifting gears a bit until this weekend to work on the Purgatorio prcs again (got the Elemental Warrior finished and one of the faction prcs nearly finished). I'll have the Whirlwind Frenzy and Undead Turning Variant Rule in for the Beta 4 at the end of the coming weekend as well. The Nature's Warrior is likely going to be in the pot along with the improvements to the Elemental Archer's elemental storm ability which is needed to further do the melee improvements to my strike routine. The Wildshape spell loss tweak will also be going in and I'll contact the PW's to provide them the new scripts so they don't have to wait for the 1.33 final.

Last updated 6:15pm cst

It's unfortunate when a game company has problems and even more so when it's the company that runs a game I really enjoy. While I'm still not sure if the rumors surrounding Flagship Studios are true or not, the prospect of losing all the time I've invested in my characters without having finished the game at least once has led me to try and beat the game as soon as possible. So this weekend I didn't get much of anything done as I was madly trying to finish Hellgate London to see how the story ends. I should be able to finish it up tonight (I'm on the final approach to close the Hellgate). Tomorrow is my birthday so I doubt I get much done then either. So Wednesday I'll get back to CC work having taken a few days break to enjoy life. ;)

Last updated 11:55pm cst
Mmmm…. I liked the ending of Hellgate. Nice way to end the story. ;)

Last updated 12:05pm cst

The descriptions for the Nature's Warrior and Sentinel of Bharrai have been updated to reflect changes made to handle the bonus feats and spellcasting progression issues. The Sentinel no longer gains a choice of which elemental feat (getting a predetermined feat at each of the 4 levels) and the Warrior now gains divine progression in both the Druid and Ranger (but no other divine class). This is due to the fact we can't do both bonus feats (elemental resistance, nature's armament) and spellcasting progress in the same class without a conversation (such as how the Hospitaler is done). I may revisit this once 1.13 is out and we can populate our own GUI listboxes but I need to see how this works for persistence, PWs, and usability before I commit to it.

The 1.33 Beta 2 should be going up tonight as I'm nearly finished with everything on the list (they need final testing). If this goes quickly enough I'll also finish the combined works update.

Last updated 10:28pm cst

Beta 2 is up on the Vault now and I'm off to bed. It includes the new feat Deadly Defense, Duelist's Elaborate Parry now adds their class level to Dodge AC when using defensive modes as well as a number of other fixes and improvements. Details can be found in the forums or the Work in Progress page.

Last updated 12:34pm cst

It is the Fourth of July again (which means my birthday is in sight again, *shakes fist*) so it's time to celebrate our Nation's independence day. Fireworks, family, rest, and relaxation. As much as that fusion allows, at any rate. ;)

I've made good progress with the dex feats and the Forest Master so once I'm back in town it shouldn't take too long to get wrapped up for the Beta 2. Beta 1 has been quiet so hopefully that means there haven't been any issues found with the Elemental Archer.

I've been teasing about an upcoming project for a few days and it's time to reveal it: I'm going to be doing some content work for Rogue Dao Studios to deliver nine prestige classes for Purgatorio. Seven of Nine PrCs will be faction PrCs while the last two will be general classes available to anyone. I've put up a page (Purgatorio link on the left side) that will eventually have the full descriptions as they are revealed. RDS.ico

Off to my folks!

Last updated 5:50pm cst

Had a pipe bust while I was out at the movies last night (Wanted was decent) so I spent all night cleaning it up and today working with the repair guys. Fun stuff. Not really in the mood to do any CC work tonight so I'll probably go see Hancock to blow off some steam.

It's hard to imagine that the end of June was my one year mark in NWN2. I think it's been a good albeit rough year so hopefully this next year will be better and smoother!

Last updated 6:45pm cst

Partial descriptions for the Nentyar Hunter and Champion of Corellon Larethian are up (peaceful lunch today).

Off to work on the combined works and the 1.33 Beta 1!

By the way… I've got a small announcement to make on Friday that may or may not interest folks.. ;)

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