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Last updated 7:15pm cst

1.32.3 is finished (all forms) and I'm close to wrapping up the issue with the combined works stripping off spell resistance tagged effects as well as rolling in the 1.32.3 content.

I've got a small announcement to make on Friday that may or may not interest folks.. ;)

Last updated 11:50am cst

I'll have the 1.32.3 MP, non-English TLKs, and combined works up today. The first beta of 1.33 should be up as well and will include a nice surprise/bonus for Dex melee types. You will need four free feats! ;)

Last updated 6:20pm cst

I'm home from work so I'll get to work on the 1.32.3 MP, non-English TLKs, and combined works.

Last updated 10:04pm cst

1.32.3 is up for single player users. I'll have the MP version finished tomorrow along with the non-English dialog files. Hopefully I'll get home early enough to get the combined works done as well. Time to sleep. ;)

Last updated 7:55am cst

I'm back in town and feeling like death warmed over. I started back on a workout program that is completely wiping me out so I haven't had much time to do anything (I was in bed at 9pm last night LOL). When I get home tonight I'm going to post 1.32.3 as I finished most of it last night before going to bed.

I'll have this weekend free so I expect to knock out quite a bit of content.

Last updated 1:35pm cst

I'm out for the weekend, I'll be back on Sunday night.

Got a couple feats bugfixed last night (when I wasn't fighting a migraine) and set up the needed test case for the two-weapon defense issue. So when I get back Sunday I'll do the testing/fixing and release 1.32.3. I'll probably finish the icon update as well. The rest will get pushed to a later update.

Last updated 5:55pm cst

The first phase of descriptions has been added for the Death Delver, Mystic Witch (custom), Swashbuckler, Doomguide, and Knight of the Chalice. As before, I've a few more passes to get the rest of the info typed up. In particular I'd like folks to check out the Swashbuckler description and let me know what they think of the proposed change to the class on the forums here.

I've also done a huge cleanup of the Upcoming PrCs page so take a look. I've moved the ones that are of very low priority to a new tab and also those that are on the cut list to a new tab. Those left in the upcoming list should get the last of the descriptions in the next couple of weeks (as lunches permit).

I'm going to work on the two-weapon deflection issue tonight and try to finish comparing icons. If I have time I'll see about tweaking the Inspirational Boost spell but I may cut it to the next update.

Last updated 7:51pm cst

Ok… I think my "no new races" stance just melted. The Star Elves and Feytouched races (both elven offshoots) have bard as the favored class with a +cha bonus. The Feytouched is +1 LA, +2 Cha, +2 Dex, -2 Con vs the Star Elves +2 Cha, -2 Con, no LA. Decisions decisions.

Last updated 8:32pm cst

While working on the update I thought of something else I really need to add to the "to-do" list: A touch spell system so that spells like Chill Touch can be used for 1 round/level like it should be. This will probably be based on adding a feat the player they can drag to their toolbar and use while the spell is in effect. This way between castings the feat will stay on the bar for those that want to use touch attacks (plus sneak damage when appropriate) more often. I'll look and see if there are enough good spells to add to support this or if it's more trouble than it's worth.

Last updated 11:15pm cst

I'm trying to track down some of the very vague bug reports I got today to see if I can reproduce them. If I can I'll fix the problems. If not then I wasted most of tonight. Such is life. ;)

Last updated 6:55pm cst

The first phase of descriptions has been added for the Frost Mage, Nightcloak, Temple Raider, Dragon Slayer, Mage-Killer, Thug, Dragon Shaman, and Hexblade. I've a few more passes to get the rest of the info typed up.

I'm hoping that tonight I lock down most of 1.32.3!

Last updated 11:00pm cst

My apologies for the lack of updates this past week. Between work, family, medical, and trying to clean up my stuff for this I've had precious little free time. The few chunks of free time I've had I spent catching some good movies and beating Mass Effect! Hulk, Zohan, Indy. Needless to say I'm recharged and ready to get back to knocking out CC! Everything has settled down finally so I should be able to start cranking out content again a high pace.

I spent a few hours with TonyK and as a result of that the AI should better handle some of the new spells and feats I've added to the game. We still have some discussions regarding breath weapons and area spells to work out but it's a work in progress. The end results benefits everyone regardless of if they use his AI or not.

I'm working on a few more bug fixes, finishing up the icon replacement with Luckmann's new icons, and ironing out the new changes needed for the combined works. Once this is done 1.32.3 will go up and I'll try to quickly knock out the Elemental Archer and Forest Master prcs.

I'm going to do 1.33 as a series of beta's with one prc per beta. I'll start with the Elemental Archer and continue with this order: Forest Master, Eldritch Spirit, Bone Knight, Dragon Samurai, Eye of Lolth, Songblade, Nature's Warrior, Sentinel of Bharrai, and finally Daggerspell Shaper. The Eldritch Spirit beta will be a long one due to doing all of the bug fixes for Warlocks that I can (as well as a new feat). The Bone Knight will either get custom armor for the class (crafted) or a way for the prc to enchant armor they wear with the qualities of bone armor. The Songblade and Dragon Samurai are also going to take a while due to the number of options each ones provides to players (focus paths or choice of dragons).

I think I'm about caught up with all the email, IM's, and posts I'm supposed to so if there is something you think I've missed, please hit me over the head either through email or a post on the forums. This includes stuff I was supposed to add, fix, get back to you on, document, detail, etc.

Last updated 12:30pm cst

I've closed out the PrC poll and the results stayed the same (Bone Knight and Dragon Samurai switched places).

So here are the 10 PrCs that will be showing up in 1.33:

Last updated 12:30pm cst

Take a look at the feats and spells page when you get a chance and let me know if the documentation format is good or needs improvement. Those pages have all of the spells and feats I've added with a single exception (Penetrating Shot didn't make it in the 1.32 updates).

I decided to go ahead and work on the warlock fixes though I may wrap up 1.32.3 and have the warlock changes 1.32.4. I'll think about it tonight and figure out what I want to do. I'm not sure yet if I'm going to fix all of the list or try to prioritize as I don't want to delay 1.33 too long. A lot of that depends on what the testing turns up as far as how warlocks are actually working right now (the DC of blasts isn't that bad until you get to epics since it's usually only off by 1).

In other news, the 1.13 patch has officially hit beta so I can help test that and report anything I find with it. I also saw a post from the Atari rep that MoW will come out with patch 1.14 in July. There has been an incredible amount of impressive content added to the vault lately though I haven't had much time to play with many of them. New creatures, weapons, modules, and other goodies!

Updates have been slow as I've been taking a break mixed with auto and health issues. Mass Effect is a pretty fun game!

Last updated 5:15pm cst

New descriptions are up for the Bone Knight, Eye of Lolth, Dread Fang, Champion of Gwynharwyf, and Runescarred Berserker since I had a little free time last night to research.

Last updated 9:20pm cst

I've been updating the site the last few days with the reorganization work I sketched out on my trip last week. By the end of this weekend I'll have the feat and spell pages updated in alphabetical order with one tab for full descriptions and one tab with a shortlist version of info for easy reading. This Friday I'm going to stop the polls on the upcoming PrCs and put the list up on Saturday.

I've been taking a break since I got back (Mass Effect and a little Age of Conan) but I'm starting to get the ball rolling again with CC. I'm going to test the few remaining issues in 1.32.3 and do a icon replacement pass with Luckmann's new work and release it on Saturday. I'm still a little behind on emails and forum posts (all over) so if I miss something just repost or hit me upside the head.

The Vegas trip was an absolute blast as it always is though I paid the price of not extending my trip this time. I usually take a few extra days for relaxation and this time I didn't yet tried to jam in as much fun as I usually do. Needless to say the aftermath was a bit rough. :P

I'm going to keep a running total page of all the votes (except for NWVault which I'll deal with at the end) that you can look at here.

Last updated 10:35pm cst

While the current PrC poll is going to be running till Friday, I put the current top votes up at the top of this page. I am going to disqualify the Dragon Lord, Werewolf, and Swashbuckler from the NWVault poll for cheating (padded votes). Dervish and Morninglord were very close so will show up in the next batch of PrCs. Since Nature's Warrior, Daggerspell Shaper, and Sentinel of Bharrai didn't make the cut those will be my 3 choices to pad out the prc set (and complete the nature theme). This may change by Friday but this has been pretty solid over the course of the poll (matching very closely with all the votes I can track by unique logins).

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