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Last updated 9:14pm cst

The new icons from Brian Meyer will be in tomorrows release and here is a teaser for them:

1-ElementalWarrior.jpgElemental Warrior PrC
2-WhirlingDervish.jpgWhirling Dervish PrC
3-Bleaknik.jpgBleaknik PrC

I'm getting close on the 1.33 final. I need to wrap up the Daggerspell Shaper and decide if the Eldritch Glaive is ready or needs another week or two of testing.

Last updated 9:37pm cst

Beta 5b is available on the Vault now and it's only fix is to disable the Child of Night. A teaser for Purgatorio is that the class to be unveiled on Monday is from the Bleak Cabal faction.

Last updated 11:00pm cst

Beta 5a is available on the Vault now and the 1.33 final is getting close. I'm currently working to iron out a few issues with the Daggerspell Shaper. I'll try and get the Eldritch Glaive invocation in for Warlocks as well.

Last updated 9:05pm cst

The first Purgatorio PrC, Elemental Warrior, has been uploaded to the vault and is awaiting authorization. It is a new PrC pack that will only contain the Purgatorio content that will be updated weekly. My 1.33 will also include this PrC and I'll try to keep my pack updated within a day of these weekly releases. 1.33 is getting close (I'm still trying to jam in and test as much as possible).

The next PrC for Purgatorio is the Whirling Dervish which is an agile, stylish combatant.

Updates here on the blog part of the site should go back to daily or every other day at the very least.

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