Vengeance Taker

<color=Gold><b>Vengeance Taker</b></color>

A secret society dedicated to righting wrongs, the Vengeance Takers are trained by hidden masters in the rites and rituals of revenge. These master Hexblades teach a direct and violent path for revenge or vengeance to those they consider worthy. Anyone whose personal quest of revenge has become obsessive and epic in nature is well suited to the class. A Vengeance Taker is happy to work alone, trailing her latest quarry through the land. She is usually willing to work with a larger group, so long as its members are amenable to helping her deal her own brand of justice on occasion.

<color=Red>(PRESTIGE CLASS: This class is not available at character creation and must be unlocked by meeting special requirements, listed below.)</color>
This is a 10 level prestige class.


- <b>Feats:</b> Hexblade's Curse 3/day, Ability Focus (Curse), Spellcasting Prodigy

<color=Gold>Class Features:</color>

- <b>Hit Die:</b> d8
- <b>Base Attack Bonus:</b> High.
- <b>High Saves:</b> Fortitude, Ref.
- <b>Weapon Proficiencies:</b> None.
- <b>Armor Proficiencies:</b> None.
- <b>Skill Points:</b> 2 + Int modifier per level.
- <b>Class Skills:</b> Bluff, Craft Alchemy, Craft Armor, Craft Weapon, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Heal, Lore, Parry, Spellcraft, Taunt, and Tumble.

<color=Gold>Class Abilities:</color>
Level 1: Turn Undead, Curse of Shadows
Level 2: Harm Touch
Level 3: Vampiric Blades
Level 4: Curse of Blood
Level 5:
Level 6: Empower Harm Touch
Level 7: Curse of Shattering
Level 8:
Level 9: Empowered Curses
Level 10: Curse of Life Draining

- <b>Hexblade Synergy:</b> The Vegeance Taker gains additional curses per day as though taking levels in Hexblade. She also gains spells known and uses per day as though she were a Hexblade. Vengeance Taker levels are considered Hexblade levels for determining when Greater and Dire Hexblade's Curse is awarded (9 Hexblade and 10 Vengeance Taker would receive Dire Hexblade's Curse) as well as for the curse DC.

- <b>Curse of Shadows:</b> At 1st level, a Vengeance Taker can expend a use of their Hexblade Curse to cloud their targets vision with shadows. The shadows cause the target to suffer a 5% miss chance when attacking. This penalty improves to 10% if the Hexblade has Greater Hexblade's Curse, 15% if they have Dire Hexblade's Curse, and 20% if they have Epic Hexblade's Curse.

- <b>Turn Undead:</b> At 1st level, a Vengeance Taker gains the supernatural ability to turn undead. She may use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + her Charisma modifier.

- <b>Harm Touch:</b> At 2nd level, a Vengeance Taker gains the ability to deliver a retributive Harm Touch against her enemies. This ability has a 30s cooldown and deals 5 points of negative energy damage per level of Vengeance Taker. The Vegeance Taker gains a number of temporary hitpoints equal to the damage dealt.

- <b>Vampiric Blades:</b> At 3rd level, a Vengeance Taker learns to channel her unending fury into her weapon, allowing her blows in combat to drive her further and further along the path to vengeance. She gains a +1 vampiric bonus for every 3 Vengeance Taker levels which lasts for 10 minutes.

- <b>Curse of Blood:</b> At 4th level, a Vengeance Taker learns to inflict a terrible curse that causes the target to bleed profusely from their skin. By expending a use of Hexblade's Curse, the target suffers bleeding that deals 1 point of damage for every Vengeance Taker level with the curse lasting for 1 round per level of Vengeance Taker. This curse is potent enough that only the lingering curse ability can extend the duration and even then it only extends the duration by 50%.

- <b>Empower Harm Touch:</b> At 6th level, a Vengeance Taker learns how to empower her Harm Touch with more negative energy but the strain of channeling this power comes with a cost. The damage and number of temporary hitpoints done by Harm Touch is doubled although the Vengeance Taker suffers 2 points per class level in hit point damage before the temporary hitpoints are applied.

- <b>Curse of Shattering:</b> At 7th level, a Vengeance Taker learns to master the Curse of Lethargy and now adds her Vengeance Taker level to the DC.

- <b>Empowered Curses:</b> At 9th level, a Vengeance Taker completes her mastery of curses and learns to a new phrase to any curse she uses. She gains a +2 DC bonus as well as +2 rounds to the duration of any curses she uses. In addition, any curse she uses causes her enemies to suffer 2 negative levels. This additional penalty will not stack regardless of how many curses are used.

- <b>Curse of Life Draining:</b> At 10th level, a Vengeance Taker learns how to recover from her own wounds when using her Harm Touch ability. As long as she is not empowering the Harm Touch, she heals an amount equal to the damage dealt.

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